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Dravet Syndrome: A new option in your area

As parents, we cherish watching our children grow, meet new milestones, make friends and take on the world. But if your child suffers with Dravet syndrome, every day life can be a difficult and challenging time.

Dravet syndrome is a rare, severe and therapy-resistant form of epilepsy that causes long lasting fever-related seizures in the very first year of life. The seizures can be fatal, often times requiring emergency intervention.

Anti-seizure medications aren’t always effective when it comes to preventing Dravet-related seizures and status epilepticus, a continuous state of seizure often accompanies the condition.
If your child has Dravet syndrome, you’ve probably heard all of this before. You’ve probably tried countless medications and seen multiple physicians and if I had to guess, you’re probably continually looking for new options.

A new treatment option may be a clinical trial.

After being tested oversees for the past two decades, fenfluramine is now being tested in the US among pediatric patients with Dravet syndrome and is currently in phase III clinical trials.
Scientists say that fenfluramine has been able to achieve major seizure control in patients taking a low-dose.
Although additional testing is still needed, this is a big step in finding a medication that may be able to offer relief for both parents and children with this rare disorder.

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