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Muscular Dystrophy: a new option.

“The freedom to walk, to talk, to run and play. To laugh, to hug. To eat. To breathe.”

When browsing through the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) website, it can be difficult not to become a little sad. An image of a balloon where a boy wrote “I want to have better muscles” catches my eye, and I think, ‘if only it were that simple.’
Since my son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, we’ve visited a number of doctors, tried everything from exercises to medications, and now, a research study, to see if there are any options that might slow the symptoms associated with MD for my son.

It’s hard to explain to a six year old why it’s becoming increasingly harder to walk, breathe and not lose one’s balance. But while muscular dystrophy has its share of downsides, it has made us much stronger. It has helped us appreciate the little things, to celebrate small victories, and to love more.

If your child has MD, I encourage you to apply for a study opportunity in the Gulf Breeze area.

Qualified participants receive free care from board-certified physicians, as well as an opportunity to help test a potential new medication. Another potential benefit of study participation is the chance to help the medical community find better options for future generations.

To learn about this exciting new opportunity, click below.


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